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Matthew Books By Suzanne Ward

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Illuminations for a New Era: Understanding These Turbulent Times

Matthew Books: Essential information for comprehending our world today. The days at hand are the final chapters of violence, hatred, grief, destruction, tyranny, and death as you know it on Earth. This is a critical time, the moment of everyone’s accounting for all choices throughout the lifetime, of deciding to accept the light and go along with Earth into the higher light frequencies or refuse the light and start back at the beginning of consciousness. Our civilization, now nearing fifth density soul evolution, once was at the brink of self-destruction.

Matthew, Tell me about Heaven: A Firsthand Description of the Afterlife

Matthew Books: A comprehensive look at Heaven through a series of heartwarming telepathic conversations between Matthew Ward (who died at age 17) and his mother. We learn about the astonishing activity and diversity of life in the realm we call Heaven. Matthew clears up common misconceptions about the world where he lives (he says its proper name is Nirvana) and explains why, in this unprecedented time in the history of Earth, it is essential that we know the truth of our beginnings and our relationship with all of creation. Without that truth, we cannot understand either the purpose of our lives or how to prepare confidently and joyously for what is to come. TOPICS: Heaven’s Location and Purpose. Residents and Visitors. Reception of Souls. Reunions with Loved Ones. Relationships. Children. Animals. Angels and Spirit Guides. Near-Death Experiences. Suicides. Food. Travel. Employment and Recreation. Cultural Resources. Education. Music. Buildings. Etheric Bodies. Lifeprint Review. Emotions. Communication between Heaven and Earth. The Effects of Prayer.

Voices of the Universe: Your Voice Affects the Universe, Let It Be With Love (Matthew Books Book 3)

As the energy in every single one of our thoughts, feelings, words and actions flows out, by natural law it affects us all. That energy we are sending attracts similar energy in the universe and pulls more of its kind back to us. Individually, we literally are creating our own lives in every moment and simultaneously, collectively, we are creating our world.

Revelations for a New Era: Keys to Restoring Paradise on Earth

Matthew Books: Representatives of six highly evolved civilizations describe their homelands, history and ongoing assistance to Earth that is enabling her to ascend out of third density. Other topics: Cosmic hierarchy. Lives of the soul. Energy and vibrations. Human cloning. Mind control. Importance of cetaceans. Polarity and duality. Fear. Purpose of karma. “9/11.” Vaccines. Life on Jupiter. The power of thoughts. Lemuria and Atlantis. Seeing the future. Intuition. Armageddon. Soul transference (walk-ins). Abortion. Physician-assisted suicide. Reptilians. And more…

Amusing to Profound–My Conversations with Animals

Matthew Books: “I love to ride.” That’s what Sparkle said. The Brittany spaniel we adopted had just opened my telepathic communication with animals. Since that day in 2002, many others in Earth’s animal kingdom also have talked with me. Their comments in this book show that the breadth and depth of their intelligence and emotions far exceed what is attributed to them. Most of my conversations have been with dogs, some of whom have told me what Big Dog, the “canine angel,” teaches the puppy souls before they are born and how he guides them once they are here. They have told me about life “there”, the way they refer to the spirit world we call Heaven. Dolphins, squirrels, deer, llamas, girds and a horse, sea lion, lizard and cricket also have talked with me. Like the dogs, some things they have said are astonishing, others are amusing, and all give glimpses into their hearts and minds. Long before Earth’s recorded history, animals and people lived peaceably together and spoke telepathically. In a few short years, that once again will be commonplace in our world.

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