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Wilhelm Reich
Wilhelm Reich (1897 – 1957)

Wilhelm Reich was born in Austria in 1897 to a family that was tragically dysfunctional and, at age 13, his mother poisoned herself to flee the abuse of Reich’s violently-tempered father. Four years later, Reich’s father died of pneumonia, a financially destitute and lonely man. Reich, at 17, ran the family farm himself for a short time after his father’s death, but the property was destroyed by World War I in 1915. After serving in the Austrian army on the Italian front, Reich began attending classes at the University of Vienna and graduated in 1922 as a doctor of medicine. While studying for his doctorate, Reich became a protégé of Dr. Sigmund Freud, and soon after graduating became the clinical assistant at Freud’s Psychoanalytical Clinic where he, himself, became a pioneer in psychoanalysis.

Prior to his orgonomic research, Dr. Reich had earned an international reputation as a scientist of integrity, and he is still noted historically for his work in psychiatry and psychoanalysis. However, there has been a massive attempt to stricken Dr. Reich’s work in biophysics from the historical record.

In his book Character Analysis (1933)

Dr. Reich detailed a biological basis for neurosis and provided a step toward the discovery of the cosmic orgone energy.

During the years 1936-1939, Dr. Reich conducted experiments concerning the idea of airborne infection. He showed that microorganisms form themselves from inorganic material and disintegrating organic substances. He proved where airborne germs came from and demonstrated the absurdity of the commonly held “air germ” theory. It was during these experiments in 1939 that Dr. Reich accidentally discovered radiation particles which he later named “orgone”.

An assistant had mistakenly taken the wrong container from the sterilizer and heated the substance within it to incandescence. The substance was common ocean sand and, when cultured and inoculated on an egg and agar medium, yielded a yellow growth. When viewed under high magnification this growth was seen as vesicles, which he called them “SAPA bions”, that glimmered an intense blue color that, in time, would grow and then move about. As Dr. Reich continued to experiment with these “bions” he noticed that, when he placed live cancer cells next to them, the cells would die.

In the winter of 1939, during the course of this work, Dr. Reich also noticed that he had developed a suntan under his clothing. He reasoned he was being exposed to some type of radiation, and it greatly worried him. He used a radium electroscope to test the culture tubes, and it gave no reaction. It took a few weeks for him to realize that this newly noticed radiation, that he had named “orgone”, was present everywhere. Taking his SAPA bions into the darkness of his basement and waiting for two hours, he noticed that his hair and clothing emitted a blue glimmer, and the room was filled with a hazy, slow-moving, gray-blue vapor.

Further experiments showed that this ever-present orgone would be repelled by metal objects and absorbed by organic material. By making a box with alternate layers of organic material (wool) and metal, Reich found that he could accumulate a more concentrated field of orgone. He called these boxes “orgone accumulators” and they played a major role in his experimentation with orgone.

During the course of his varied orgone experiments, Dr. Reich discovered atmospheric orgone and noticed that, in the presence of pollutants of various kinds, including electromagnetic emissions, the orgone would become stagnant and cause illness and environmental damage. He called this “stagnant” orgone, “dead” orgone or “DOR”. The effects of DOR would often be that of drought and the formation of deserts. To counter the effects of DOR, Dr. Reich added long pipes to an orgone accumulator box and pointed it skyward to help balance the atmospheric orgone and bring rain. He called this device a “cloud buster”.

In one experiment starting in October, 1954, Dr. Reich was successful in bringing rain to the desert around Tucson, Arizona. Even before the rain fell, the newly-balanced orgone had caused the grass to grow a foot tall in the desert. This green spectacle stretched some 40 to 80 miles to the east and north of that city. It took tremendous skill to use the cloud buster because it drew the dead orgone into the device and could pose serious health problems to both the operator and the atmosphere itself. The ability to safely use the cloud buster died with Dr. Reich and remained buried for half a century.

In his book The Cancer Biopathy (1948)

Dr. Reich recreates his carefully documented work regarding the treatment of several cancer patients deemed hopeless and terminal by orthodox medicine.

Rather than embracing Dr. Reich’s discoveries, the collective scientific community responded with levels of anger and derision that bordered on hatred; rather than conducting investigations of their own and furthering the knowledge of orgone energy for the betterment of mankind, the scientific community led the charge to destroy any documents that even mention the word “orgone”.

And then the scientific community destroyed Wilhelm Reich, who was sent to US Federal prison in 1957 at the age 60 and died there because he insisted upon continuing his research into orgone energy, in defiance of a federal injunction that resulted from the FDA’s apparently unscientific opinion that orgone energy did not exist. He spent his last days in prison falsely labeled a quack and a racketeer by the American government and the American medical system.

All of Dr Reich’s books were banned, and those that were found were burned by the FDA. Any printed matter that contained the word “orgone” was subject to the ban and burning by the FDA per the federal injunction up through 1962, and continuing to a lesser extent until 1970. The American government had declared that orgone did not exist and orgone was the only word that was necessary to appear in print to qualify the material as worthy of destruction. It was their attempt to wipe the very word “orgone” from the English language.

In our modern world, the first line of defense by the collective scientific community is to block publication of a “politically incorrect” discovery in the scientific literature, and then terminate the researcher’s financial lifeline while attempting to malign his or her professional reputation. That’s how the “religion of science” is kept “pure” these days.

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