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Titles By Zecharia Sitchin

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Zecharia Sitchin

Zecharia Sitchin was an eminent Orientalist, Biblical scholar and internationally acclaimed author and researcher, whose books offer evidence that we’re not alone in our own solar system.

He was born in Azerbaijan and grew up in British Controlled Palestine, where he acquired a comprehensive and profound knowledge of modern and ancient Hebrew, other Semitic and European languages, the Old Testament, and the history, archaeology, and cultures of the Middle East. A graduate of the University of London with a degree in economic history, he worked as a journalist and editor in Israel.

After moving to New York in 1952, he made his home in New York City, where he undertook his life’s work, The Earth Chronicles. He lived and wrote in New York until 2010.

Sitchin based The Earth Chronicles Series on the texts and pictorial evidence recorded by the ancient civilizations of the Middle East. While working as an executive for a shipping company, Sitchin taught himself Sumerian cuneiform and visited several archaeological sites.

He was distinguished by his ability to read, translate and interpret ancient Sumerian and other ancient texts, being one of a handful of scholars able to read the clay tablets and interpret ancient Sumerian cuneiform and Akkadian. He combined archaeology, ancient texts, and the Bible with scientific discoveries to retell the history and prehistory of planet Earth.

Sitchen’s books have been widely translated into more than twenty languages, republished in paperback and eBook editions and converted to Braille for the blind. In the years since each book was published, new discoveries have provided corroboration of The Earth Chronicles incredible and unorthodox conclusions. This accumulation of discoveries and the origins of humanity and the solar system are further discussed in the companion books Genesis Revisited and Divine Encounters.

Genesis Revisited

Space Travel, Genetic Engineering, Computer Science, Astounding Achievements As New As Tomorrow: But stunning recent evidence proves that these ultramodern advances were known to our forfathers as early as 3,000 years before the birth of Christ! This Companion Volume to the EARTH CHRONICLES series reexamines the teachings of the ancients in the light of mankind’s latest scientific discoveries and uncovers breathtaking, never-before-revealed facts that challenge long-held, conventional beliefs about our planet and our species.

The 12th Planet: The First Book of the Earth Chronicles

Offers Clear Evidence Of The Existence Of The Planet Nibiru: This title explains why its astronauts came to Earth eons ago to fashion Humanity in their image and includes startling evidence challenging established notions of the origins of Life on Earth. The evidence presented suggests that an advanced group of extraterrestrials once inhabited our world and challenges established notions of the Origins of Earth and Humanity by weaving together biblical narrative with Sumerian and Babylonian texts.

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The Stairway to Heaven: The Second Book of the Earth Chronicles

Since earliest times, humans have pondered the incomprehensible questions of the universe, life and the afterlife. Where did mortal humans go to join the immortal Gods? Was the immense and complex structure at Giza an Egyptian Pharaoh’s portal to immortality? Or a pulsating beacon built by extraterrestrials for landing on Earth? The second volume unveils secrets of the pyramids and hidden clues from ancient times and takes the reader to the Spaceport and Landing Place of the Anunnaki gods.

The Wars of Gods and Men: The Third Book of the Earth Chronicles

Thousands of years ago, Earth was a battlefield. The wars would shape human destiny were terrible conflicts that began lifetimes earlier on another planet. This volume takes us back to the violent beginnings of the human story, when gods, not humans, ruled Earth, tracing conflicts that began on another world, continued on Earth, and culminated in the use of nuclear weapons, an event recorded in the Bible as the upheaval of Sodom and Gomorrah.

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The Lost Realms: The Fourth Book of the Earth Chronicles

Spanish conquerors came to the New World in the 16th century in search of El Dorado, the fabled city of gold. Instead, they found inexplicable phenomena that have puzzled historians ever since. Wwho were the bearded ‘gods of the golden wand’ who brought civilization to the Americas millennia before Columbus? This volume uncovers the long-hidden secrets of Lost New World Civilizations, linking the Spanish quest for El Dorado to extraterrestrials who searched there for gold long before them.

When Time Began: The Fifth Book of the Earth Chronicles

They came to Earth thousands of years ago to usher in humanity’s first New Age of scientific growth and spiritual enlightenment. Under the guidance of these ancient visitors from the heavens, revolutionary advances in art, science and thought swept through the inhabited world. They left behind baffling monoliths and awesome, towering structures that stand to this day. This volume reveals the clear signature of extraterrestrial gods indelibly written in stone.

The Cosmic Code: The Sixth Book of the Earth Chronicles

Many thousands of years ago, a group of extraterrestrials from another planet guided the evolution of life on Earth, determining the existence and nature of humanity as we know it today. Is the DNA at the core of all life in the universe a “cosmic code” that links Earth to heaven and humanity to God? This volume deciphers prophesies to reveal how the numeric values of the letters of the DNA matched Hebrew alphabet serve as a code that bares the secrets of our celestial destiny.

The End of Days: Armageddon and Prophecies of the Return: The Seventh Book of the Earth Chronicles

Why is it that our current 21st Century A.D. is so similar to the 21st Century B.C.? Is history destined to repeat itself? Will biblical prophecies come true, and if so, when? This volume shows that the End is anchored in the events of the Beginning, presenting compelling new evidence that the Past is the Future, that humanity and planet Earth are subject to a predetermined Celestial Time Cycle.

The Earth Chronicles Handbook: A Comprehensive Guide to the Seven Books of The Earth Chronicles

This title offers easy access to the myriad characters and subjects covered by the seven books of The Earth Chronicles series, providing alphabetical listings to the terminology of ancient civilizations concerning their gods, kings, cultures, and religions. It contains detailed summations, commentaries, and instructions for locating topics within all the author’s books.

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Journeys to the Mythical Past

Sitchin’s Account Of The Investigations That Led To The Earth Chronicles: This volume tells how his life was at risk inside the Great Pyramid, reveals the existence of a secret chamber, reports on Vatican encounters, the Iceman of the Alps, the Antikythera computer, the temples and Ruts of Malta. It includes firsthand accounts that take the reader into the inner workings of the Vatican, the enigma of a futuristic computer from millennia ago, and the secret handiwork of a Divine Architect at Stonehenge, at Malta, and at a site in the Americas.

Divine Encounters: A Guide to Visions, Angels and Other Emissaries

A Stunning Account Of Human Interaction With Celestial Travelers: Interaction between humanity and spiritual beings, as recorded in scriptures and ancient texts provides a powerful drama that spans Heaven and Earth, involving worship and devotion, eternity and mortality, love and sex, jealousy and murder. This volume provides vidence that prophetic dreams, visions, UFO encounters, and other extraordinary phenomena are the hallmark of intervention by intergalactic emissaries who reach out from other realms.

The Lost Book of Enki: Memoirs and Prophecies of an Extraterrestrial God

Companion Volume To The Earth Chronicles Series: This volume explains why these ‘gods’ from Nibiru, the Anunnaki, genetically engineered Homo sapiens, gave Earthlings civilization, and promised to return. The Earth Chronicles provided humanity’s side of the story concerning our origins at the hands of the Anunnaki. This volume views the saga from the perspective of Lord Enki, an Anunnaki leader revered in antiquity as a god, who tells the story of these extraterrestrials’ arrival on Earth from the planet Nibiru.

There Were Giants Upon the Earth: Gods, Demigods, and Human Ancestry: The Evidence of Alien DNA

This volume reveals physical evidence of alien presence on Earth in the distant past; describes the demigods, such as Gilgamesh, descended from these visitors. Are we, all of us, descendants of demigods? This volume reveals a DNA source that could provide conclusive physical evidence for past alien presence on Earth and an unprecedented scientific opportunity to track down the ‘Missing Link’ in humankind’s evolution, to unlick the secrets of longevity and the ultimate mystery of life and death.

The King Who Refused to Die: The Anunnaki and the Search for Immortality

An Allegorical Novel, Written In Secret, Bringing To Life Key Concepts Of The 12th Planet: This title retells the Epic of Gilgamesh in the context of Sitchin’s discoveries about the Anunnaki. It details the Anunnaki lineage of the gods who lived in Sumer, Anunnaki spacecraft technology, the workings of the Oracle of Anu, and Gilgamesh’s relationship with the goddess Ishtar. It weaves a tale of ancient ceremony, accidental betrayal, gods among men, interplanetary travel, and a quest for immortality spanning millennia.

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