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Titles About The AMA & FDA

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The Big Pharma Conspiracy: The Drugging Of America For Fast Profits

Who is this big bad wolf known as Big Pharma? The name is repeatedly in the news but do you know exactly who they are? The term is a nickname bestowed upon the massive pharmaceutical companies frequently found on Forbes Fortune 500 list. The connotation of Big Pharma is definitely a negative one. Between the conspiracy theories and the reality of billions these companies earn in profits, it is hard for an average citizen to not feel adversely towards these megalithic beasts. It is critical to garner as much knowledge on who they are, what they do, and why. With the backing of the AMA And FDA, they have been drugging Americans and the rest of citizens of the world into a coma in pursuit of big profits.

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Licensed to Kill : Doctors, the AMA, the FDA and Pharmaceutical company’s Greed is Killing You

Barb Every – Wife, Mother, Grand Mother and Great Grand Mother – with all these years and a host of experiences in observing and helping with all sorts of ailments and finding the old remedies of my mother and grand mother often times worked better than the drugs promoted by traditional doctors that only learn prescriptions and surgery in 8 years of Med. School. When modern medicine nearly killed my dear husband, not once, but two different times, I knew something needed to be done to help others that are being sickened or killed by medicine (poisons). The AMA And FDA and Pharmaceutical Companies do not want you well. Why would they? They make their Big Bucks when you are ill and buying their Drugs.

Hell’s Kitchen: Causes, Prevention and Cure of Obesity, Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome

Cause, Prevention and Cure of Obesity, Diabetes, and Metabolic Syndrome: avoid advice from the AMA And FDA

Warning! Your Healthy Diet May Be Killing You: Why the FDA, the Giant Food Manufacturers and Big Pharma Are Purposely Sabotaging Your Food

Discover the deadly truth as to why your so-called ‘healthy diet’ may, in fact, be killing you and why AMA And FDA, the Giant Food Manufacturers and Big Pharma are purposely sabotaging your food supply. For many years we have been kept in the dark regarding what is actually in our food but Barry Ferguson exposes the deadly ingredients and the outrageous actions the food manufacturers have gone to keep their profits rolling in and keep you from knowing the truth. Barry digs deep into the bowels of the FDA and reveals the inner workings of the FDA’s illegal relationship with both the food manufacturers such as Monsanto as well as the big pharmaceutical corporations and blows the lid off of one of the biggest set of lies and deceptions brought upon the citizens of the USA in the last 100 years of our existance.

Innocent Casualties: The FDA’s War Against Humanity

This title exposes the AMA and FDA as they attept to deny Americans access to nutritional products, including banning certain nutrients and alternative therapies that are used in other countries and attempting to have vitamins classified as prescription drugs. In 1989, the FDA stopped a promising AIDS nutritional therapy to protect the interests of the pharmaceutical companies. “Innocent Casualties” documents a government agency so radical that, in 1992, its agents burst into a doctor’s office — guns drawn — to seize vitamins and herbs. Today the orthodox medical establishment is still promoting misinformation about the safety and effectiveness of alternative treatments at the expense of public health. It is profit that is threatened, not science.

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