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Titles About BRICS

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BRICS Nations

BRICS is the acronym for an association of five major emerging national economies: Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. The grouping was originally known as ‘BRIC’ before the inclusion of South Africa in 2010. The BRICS members are all developing or newly industrialized countries, but they are distinguished by their large, fast-growing economies and significant influence on regional and global affairs, and all five are G-20 members. As of 2014, the five BRICS countries represent 18% of the world economy, almost 3 billion people, which is 40% of the world population, with a combined nominal GDP $16.039 trillion USD, which is 20% of world GDP and an estimated $4 trillion USD in combined foreign reserves.

The BRICS: A Very Short Introduction

In the wake of the post-Cold War era, the aftermath of 9/11, the 2008 global financial crisis, and the emergence of the G20 at the leaders level, few commentators expected a reshaping of the global system towards multipolarity, and away from the United States. And yet, the BRICS – encompassing Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa – has emerged as a challenge to the international status quo. But what is its capacity as a transformative force? And can it provide a significant counter-narrative to the Western dominated global order?

How the West Was Won and Lost: Athenian Democracy to the BRICS: 5th Century BCE to 2016

Western powers are addicted to stealing and warmongering, and their days at the top of civilization are numbered. This title traces the rise of the Western powers from the Greek and Roman empires through the Portuguese, Spanish, British, French, German, Italian, and American empires. It argues that the West has promoted private property over communal property, which has created huge inequalities of wealth; encouraged the production and consumption of goods instead of preserving our planet; exploited Third World workers to satisfy obese citizens addicted to super-size portions. From the time Portugal found a sea route to India and Spain rediscovered the New World, the West has sought to steal and kill. At first, Muslims in the Middle East and powerful countries in Asia thwarted Western ambitions, but the Industrial Revolution of the eighteenth century changed the landscape.

An Umbrella for the Rainbow Nation: Possible futures for the Republic of South Africa towards 2055

For the first time since 1994, South Africa is facing an inevitable branching point, fundamentally because of the emerging composition of the country’s demographics, compounded by rapidly changing political, economic, social, technological, and environmental, global forces. This is a collectively developed umbrella vision for the country based on random input from over 2 000 South African citizens. Using a uniquely South African version of future scenario planning, it examines the drivers of change in a global context that could lead to scenarios other than the expressed, desired future for the country. Included are recommendations of the practical steps needed to navigate the changes facing South Africa towards 2055.

Asian Megatrends

The rise of China is transforming the Asia-Pacific, as China’s economic and military might increasingly reverberates throughout the region. India and Indonesia are also rising Asian powers that are changing the shape of the Asian economic landscape. The rapid growth of emerging Asian consumer markets is also becoming an increasingly important growth engine for the world economy and for global multinationals. However Asia also faces tremendous economic and social challenges over the long-term, including the rapid growth of Asian megacities and severe environmental problems due to climate change, water crises and pollution. Geopolitical tensions have also been escalating in the Asia-Pacific due to territorial disputes in the South China Sea and East China Sea, increasing the risk of a regional arms race and military confrontation.

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