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Titles About The Divine Feminine

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Nature’s Success System: Secrets to Energize Your Heath, Wealth & Passion with the Feminine Power of Creation

Align With The Elements Of Nature And Unlock Your Feminine Power Of Creation: Would you like to begin to prosper and thrive financially in more soul-filled ways? Strengthen your authentic leadership abilities as you nourish your inner Divine Feminine? Experience a deeper sense of your purpose and passion as you fully express your essence? Gain some vital support from nature for the organic growth of your creations and strengthen your inner abilities to powerfully expand your business and life success. Introducing eight extraordinary women from all walks of life who have mastered Nature’s success system to energize and enhance health, wealth, and passion in their personal and professional lives. Along Hay House Mover & Shaker, Natural Rhythms author and president Lisa Michaels, their stories and insightful strategies will inspire and empower you.

Crop Circles, Jung, and the Reemergence of the Archetypal Feminine

Throwing Light On The Mysterious Phenomenon Of Crop Circles Within The Context Of Modern Psychological Reality: An Engaging Look At The Science, History, And Symbolic Nature Of The Mystery Of These Annually Occurring Giant-Scale Works Of Art: This title offers a framework for the reader’s own deeper consideration of crop circles by examining both the phenomenon itself and the nature of the era into which it has arrived, with special consideration of its relevance to Jungian archetypal psychology and the re-emergence of The Divine Feminine. Living in the moment of the death of one worldview and the birth of another, our culture suffers from a hyper-masculine inflation that has us alienated, imagining ourselves to be separate from each other and the earth. Today we are presented with environmental, social, and spiritual crises and mysteries that call us back toward closer participation with the world.

Voices of the Sacred Feminine: Conversations to Re-Shape Our World

Most of us have come to realize patriarchy – rule by a male-dominated society revering solely a male God – is not working for Mother Earth or most of the people on the planet. How do we counter beliefs that there is no option but the authoritarian father? How does society go about making a course correction? How do ideas that permeate every level of society from womb to tomb, boardroom to bedroom, voting booth to the workplace shift into a more fair, equal, and just world of partnership, sharing, caring and peace? Those are exactly the questions discussed on the long-running radio show, ‘Voices of the Sacred Feminine’, hosted by Rev. Dr. Karen Tate in her show dedicated to the Divine Feminine as deity, archetype and ideal. Never before has an internet radio show cast such a wide net to include so many voices whose ideals are in alignment with ‘sacred feminine liberation thealogy.’ If we can imagine it, vision it, and restore ancient truths swept beneath the rug and kicked to the curb by patriarchy, then we can manifest it!

Goddesses: Mysteries of the Feminine Divine (Collected Works of Joseph Campbell)

Joseph Campbell brought mythology to a mass audience. His bestselling books, including ‘The Power of Myth’ and ‘The Hero with a Thousand Faces’, are the rare blockbusters that are also scholarly classics. While Campbell’s work reached wide and deep as he covered the world’s great mythological traditions, he never wrote a book on goddesses in world mythology. He did, however, have much to say on the subject. Between 1972 and 1986 he gave over twenty lectures and workshops on goddesses, exploring the figures, functions, symbols, and themes of the Divine Feminine, following them through their transformations across cultures and epochs.

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