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Titles About Hollow Earth

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Messages from the Hollow Earth

Not only is Hollow Earth REAL, but it is inhabited by Advanced Civilizations! Discover the existence of people who live in peace and brotherhood in the Center of our Earth, which is HOLLOW, with an Inner Central Sun, and oceans and mountains still in their pristine state. Visit the Library of Porthologos where all Earth’s records are preserved. Discover the Lost Library of Alexandria! “And there’s more to the Core than the myths of Yore”: • All Planets Are Hollow • Polar Openings at the North and South Poles • Oceans, Mountains, and a Central Sun in Earth’s Hollow Core • Inner Earth is inhabited by Advanced Civilizations • Ancient tunnel system exists inside Earth • Underground network of Tunnels connecting every large city • Spaceports inside of Earth • Electro-magnetic vehicles that levitate • Library of Porthologos in Center of Earth holds all Earth’s records • Inner Oceans are Teeming with Life

Serpents of Fire: German Secret Weapons, UFOs, and the Hitler/Hollow Earth Connection

One of the last titles ever written by legendary ufologist and writer Gray Barker: Due to the subject matter, very few copies were printed. It became impossible to find until now. Operating out of a secluded office deep in the hills of his home state of West Virginia, Barker kept public interest focused on UFOs and introduced many themes still discussed and investigated by today’s paranormal and conspiracy researchers: the “interdimensional” theory of UFOs; the shapeshifting nature of creature entities such as Mothman, the Flatwoods Monster, and Bigfoot; the cryptic terror of the Men in Black; the mystery of the Philadelphia Experiment; and the possible role of “ancient aliens” in our collective history. “Serpents of Fire,” takes on another classic theme: Nazi UFOs revealing the Nazis’ secret belief in the Hollow Earth, and their interest in – and possible collusion with – the pilots and occupants of flying saucers. As the tale unfolds, a most disturbing scenario is unearthed. Do a significant number of Europeans really believe Hitler escaped in a UFO, and that the Fourth Reich will one day return – in the midst of a catastrophic Earth-axis shift – to control the world from flying saucers? The answer may shake you.

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Subterranean Worlds Inside Earth

A Collection Of Many Stories From A Vast Wealth Of Sources On The Subject Of What Is Often Called “The Inner Earth Theory.”: The theory holds that the Earth does not consist of molten metal at its core, as modern science tells us, but is instead quite hollow inside, and supports several different races of sentient beings as well as their impressive underground cities. Those cities are said to be linked to one another by underground tunnels with above-ground openings that the occasional surface-dwelling mortal stumbles on to. Much of the information Beckley presents comes from a man named Richard Shaver, a spot welder on the Detroit automobile assembly lines who one day began to hear strange voices projected at him as he went about his work. Following the trail that began with that unearthly auditory experience, Shaver eventually came to the conclusion that the voices were coming from somewhere beneath the Earth, from a race of creatures he came to call the “Deros,” which is short for “degenerate robots.” The Deros have a story of their own. They were once a gentle race who lived on the surface of the Earth, until it became apparent that the sun was being transformed in some way that caused an increase in the amount of a form of dangerous radiation contained in its rays. Some of the Deros escaped the planet by going into space in their highly-developed spacecraft, but not all of them managed to do so. Those forced to remain went underground and built the cities referred to above, but the sun’s poisonous radiation also caused them to go insane and to develop cruel and sadistic personality traits. It is because of their evil madness that mankind suffers so much today, and Shaver himself experienced some bizarre mistreatments as he sought to learn more about the mysterious Deros. Shaver eventually published many of his Dero tales in a magazine called “Amazing Stories,” which were so popular that they greatly increased the magazine’s circulation. But Shaver’s story of the Deros is only one of many versions of exactly what is down there in the Hollow Earth.

ALIENS, NAZIS & HOLLOW EARTH: false flag UFO invasion

Who are they? Where do they come from? One thing is certain – aliens have always lived among us. The different races and beliefs of those who populate the Earth prove that planet Earth has been visited many times in the past. Blissfully unaware of the fact that we are slaves in the Matrix we serve our masters from birth to death. Who operates the Matrix? THEY do but who are THEY? Do you realize that humans are not naturally from the planet Earth but were genetically bred to serve a reptilian agenda? For hundreds of thousands of years we were slaves of the real Earthlings. Brave warriors vanquished the ‘dragon’ and thus the predators fled into the Hollow Earth. Safe inside our planet our masters carefully plan for a future when they shall emerge to once again rule over us. Billions of Stars testify to the fact that life is teeming throughout the Universe. There are literally hundreds of thousands of lifeforms different to our own. Why then do our Governments deny the existence of the UFOs we see in our skies daily? With their extremely advanced technology they could attack Earth at any time. So why have E.T.s not yet invaded? Are we being duped by our rulers? Our Governments and religious leaders will not hand over the reins of power quite so easily. There is ample evidence to show that the most powerful country in the free world is in league with our deadly enemy. Perhaps the real aliens are the corrupt Governments and the reptilian rulers of the Illuminati.

The Kingdom of Agarttha: A Journey into the Hollow Earth

First English translation of the book that introduced the realm of Hollow Earth: Explores the underground world of Agarttha, sometimes known as Shambhala, a realm that is spiritually and technologically advanced beyond our modern culture; One of the most influential works of 19th-century occultism; The underground realm of Agarttha was first introduced to the Western world in 1886 by the French esoteric philosopher Alexandre Saint-Yves d’Alveydre with his book Mission de l’Inde, translated here for the first time into English. Saint-Yves’s book maintained that deep below the Himalayas were enormous underground cities, which were under the rule of a sovereign pontiff known as the Brahâtma. Throughout history, the “unknown superiors” cited by secret societies were believed to be emissaries from this realm who had moved underground at the onset of the Kali-Yuga, the Iron Age. Ruled in accordance with the highest principles, the kingdom of Agarttha, sometimes known as Shambhala, represents a world that is far advanced beyond our modern culture, both technologically and spiritually. The inhabitants possess amazing skills their above ground counterparts have long since forgotten. In addition, Agarttha is home to huge libraries of books engraved in stone, enshrining the collective knowledge of humanity from its remotest origins.

The Hollow Earth Examined

Incredible as it is the “Hollow earth theory” has never been examined in this much detail and scientific explanations provided for such phenomenon as; 1) The earth’s “central sun” How is it possible and what it is composed of? 2) Ancient origins of giant humans, insects and other flora and fauna 3) The “Titus-Boyd Law” why it proves there was once a “5th” planet! 4) Ancient warfare that may have caused unimaginable destruction 5) The biblical flood was world wide in facts over 97 cultures have a record of it 6) Ancient Norse legends and tales of living inside the earth! 7) Why ancient people had a life span well over the standard maximum of 120 years! 8) An extensive biblical reference and extended book of Enoch are provided.

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