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Titles About Instant Manifestation

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The Power of You: why you have the potential to change your life in an instant

Even if your greater self chooses certain circumstances in your life… you still create your reaction to them. Time isn’t continuous, so the ‘past’ has no bearing on the present… unless you let it. Physical reality is nothing more than a mirror…it only reflects what you put out. If you’re unhappy with any part of your life… what underlying belief must you hold to be creating it? You don’t have to look outside yourself for answers… because the best person to help you is you. You don’t have to create the life you desire… it already exists among infinite possibilities. Abundance is not selfish but our birthright… and the key to it is excitement and joy. We’ve only just started to regain a fragment… of a creative potential beyond our wildest dreams.

The Manifestation Matrix: Nine Steps to Manifest Money, Success and Love

Why asking the Universe often backfires on you, and an effective alternative; Ways to recognize your Instant Manifestation power with symbols and affirmations; How believing you have manifestation “blocks” can ruin your success; What room in your home contains Vital Energy you can best use for Instant Manifestation; An easy way to stimulate your heart chakra – to improve the quality of what you manifest; Why “want” is a powerful word to attract what you desire; A mysterious, symbolic “pictogram” that activates your Instant Manifestation powers as you look at it; 3 levels of your mind and their roles in Instant Manifestation; 4 ways to focus your intention to manifest successfully; 2 magic words that put you in an energetic receiving state; and so much more!

Your Greatest Gift: That Unlocks All Manifestations

If we are all powerful creators blessed with the ability of Instant Manifestation of whatever we want in life, why is it so difficult for some people to do so? Is there anything we have to do to “activate” our latent creative abilities as free-willed beings? …tapping into our manifestation abilities should be something that anyone can do at will. It should not be something complicated… if creation is our birthright, then manifesting should be a fundamental ability that every human being on this planet, regardless of race, background or education can tap into at will. Could it be something so fundamentally simple and obvious that most of us have overlooked?

Law of Attraction Secrets: 100 Powerful Affirmations For Instant Manifestations

Do you want the ability to: Solve your relationship and family problems? Feel attractive, build your self-esteem, and find your soul-mate? Get the friendships you want and feel more love from others? Get a better job, attract money, and build wealth? Break bad habits, improve your time-management skills, and develop your creativity? Improve your health and connect with the spiritual realm? This title explains how to: Keep your affirmations positive, affirmative, and within your vibrational reach; Create Instant Manifestation of all your affirmations; Change and master your thought patterns; Be specific about what you want; Understand the rules of the universe

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