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Titles About Levitation

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Levitation And Invisibility: Learn To Use The Incredible SUPER POWERS Within You!

Can We Learn To Fly Through The Air With The Greatest Of Ease? Is It Possible To Walk Through Walls Or Other Solid Objects? YES! Says A Former Military Intelligence Operative, An Emmy Award Winning Journalist As Well As Numerous Saints And Mystics. Now You Can Learn To Unleash The Super Powers Of Invisibility And Levitation! Out of all the magical secrets that mankind has sought over the ages; probably the two most universal desires would be the ability to become invisible and to fly, or levitate at will. This mind blowing, and mind stretching, title reveals the most astounding information on these extraordinary concepts, including: ++ The Quest For Instant Invisibility ++ The Realm of Invulnerability ++ Prayers and Spells For Invisibility ++ How You Can Learn The Art Of Levitation ++ How To Make The Most Out Of These Talents

Invisibility & Levitation: How-To Keys To Personal Performance

Did you ever consider what it would be like to be invisible? What would you use your new-found ability for? Would you use your power for selfish self-indulgence? Or would you work to help others and better mankind? This title takes a look at age-old methods utilized by occultists, military and martial artists to perfect the art of levitation and invisibility. Throughout history only a “super” few have learned to accomplish such seemingly impossible tasks. Did ancient Kings have rings of power to become invisible? Did monks who were in contact with a Higher Power actually levitate during fits of ecstasy? Were the blocks of the pyramid levitated into place? Find out for yourself the ancient secrets known only by a few gifted individuals.

Survival Levitation: The Little Manual That Tells You How

Many people will have you believe levitation is impossible. It is not. Levitation is an extraordinary ability. By that I mean you do it every day and don’t even realize it. I’m going to show you how to bring out that little bit of extra energy you need to leave the ground. With proper knowledge and some time spent doing the exercises in this manual, you can achieve levitation. It’s not as hard as you may think. I wrote this manual to save lives. Our society lives and works in buildings that are too tall. Fire and rescue personnel just can’t get to the upper floors if something disastrous happens in the middle or upper floors of these buildings. Many people choose to jump rather than die in fire. I don’t blame them either; however, by writing this manual, I would like to give you a third choice. If you take the time to learn what I teach, you can control how fast you fall. That is why I chose to name this work Survival Levitation. Levitation is for survival and it can save your life.

Experiments in Psychical Science: Levitation, Contact, and the Direct Voice (Classic Reprint)

February 1919: Classic Work Dealing With Problems Connected With The Physical Phenomena Of Spiritualism

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