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Titles About Minerals And Crystals

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The Essential Guide to Crystals, Minerals and Stones

This ultimate go-to reference features 160 Minerals And Crystals you can use to improve your life on all levels — mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Packed with practical information — from each stone’s Mohs scale rating to its divinatory meaning — this unique guide has 190 beautiful full-color photos of specimens commonly found in metaphysical stores. Each page provides concise information: stone name, color, chakra, planet, element, zodiac sign, number, divinatory meaning, and mental, emotional, physical and spiritual uses. A series of positive affirmations is given for each Minerals And Crystals, as well as guidance on how to use gemstones as oracles for personal development and spiritual awakening.

The Book of Crystal Spells: Magical Uses for Stones, Crystals, Minerals… And Even Sand

Discover dozens of spells that you can use for health, love, home and garden, problem solving, dreams, astral travel, and much more. With hands-on spells, rituals, grids, and other magical methods: • Find tips on cleansing and charging your Minerals And Crystals • Learn to craft magical jewelry, amulets, and talismans • Incorporate numerology, meditations, elixirs, and crystal grids in your spellwork • Expand your magic practice by using glass, sand, metals, quartz crystal points, and more…

Crystal & Gemstone Divination: Your Guide to Reading the Messages of the Mineral Realm for Life Guidance, Health and Well-Being

Minerals And Crystals have a form of consciousness imbued into them by the geological forces that created them through eons of time. Once known by our ancestors, but all but forgotten by modern mankind, a channel of communication exists between the Mineral Realm and Humanity. Learn: About the Nature of Mineral Consciousness; How and Where to Acquire a Divination Stone Collection; How to Care for and Re-energize your stones; How to Read the Messages Conveyed by the stones; How to Conduct Divination Readings for Yourself or Others; The Ethics of a Divination Reading; The Relationship between Stones and other divination media; How to make healing elixirs…and much more…

Steps on the Stone Path: Working with Crystals and Minerals as a Spiritual Practice

Through myths and legends, the knowledge of the power of certain Minerals And Crystalss has been preserved over generations. However, the practical aspects of how to use these precious stones to promote spiritual development have been lost to all but a few initiates. This title starts with guided meditations and rituals for developing awareness of, and the ability to experience, stone qualities such as deep silence, form, transparency, and color as modes of spiritual consciousness. Entering these modes of silent, creative consciousness requires befriending the elemental angelic beings embodied in stones. Develop these initial practices into a sensory yoga of stones, in which the connection between the self and the Divine Self manifests through the medium of stone-awareness.

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