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Titles About Panpsychism

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Panpsychism: The Philosophy of the Sensuous Cosmos

Materialism asserts that the universe and everything within it, including ourselves, is a deterministic machine, trapped until the end of time on the rigid tracks of inviolable laws. Only the mechanisms of physics – forces, electrical charges, and so on – are consequential; nothing else matters. Experiences, such as the taste of honey, feelings, thoughts, choices: everything concerning the mind is an illusion, or is at best a useless and absurd epiphenomenon. This accessible and engagingly-written book is a serious philosophical work, giving solid reasons for rejecting materialism, and proposing an alternative metaphysical framework, Panpsychism, that is fully consistent with science.

The Mysterious Mind: A consideration of consciousness, materialism & panpsychism

The mind is a truly mysterious thing. However, it should remembered that the universe of which minds are a part is also mysterious. These two issues are linked. The result is that a diverse array of positions exist concerning the nature of mind/consciousness, the nature of the universe, and the relationship between the two. Some people believe in Panpsychism, that the entire universe is conscious – if this is so, then the universe is seemingly more mysterious than the human mind. Contrarily, if only small parts of the universe are conscious then the question arises as to how the non-conscious universe evolved these parts; there is still a mystery to be solved.

Panpsychism and the Religious Attitude

A Defense Of Panpsychism, The View That Mentality Is Present In All Natural Bodies With Unified And Persisting Organization: Human beings have thoughts, sensations, and feelings and think that at least some of this mental life is shared with domestic and wild animals. But, are there reduced degrees of mentality found in mosquitoes, bacteria, and even more primitive natural bodies? Panpsychists think so and have defended this belief throughout the history of philosophy, beginning with the ancient Greeks and continuing into the present.

Panpsychism: Past and Recent Selected Readings

Panpsychism is the view that mentality extends from humans to animals, insects, plant cells, and other natural bodies exhibiting persisting unity of organization. Formulated in ancient times, it has since undergone a series of reformulations and defenses against criticisms, and is now experiencing a revival of interest. This comprehensive anthology, which includes selections spanning two millennia, chronicles the history of Panpsychism, beginning with the early cosmologists of Greek philosophy and continuing into the present.

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