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Titles About The Propaganda Machine

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Stop the Propaganda Machine from Controlling How You Think and Vote

It is difficult and complex to ever really know if political leaders are telling the truth. Along with truthful communications often come lying, spin, hype, hate-speech and fear-mongering from the Propaganda Machine. Deciding what is truthful and what is deceptive takes considerable effort. However, the truth really matters. Political leaders and the mass media collaborate in a business relationship to build this giant Propaganda Machine which collectively attempts to tell us how to think and vote by delivering enormous amounts of influence messages to us at an unrelenting pace. This title presents several deception-detecting strategies that can be used to sort out statements for truth. It shows numerous persuasion tactics political leaders use to convince us to think and vote the way they want us to think and vote. It describes how not to get controlled by the drama of political leaders’ communications to persuade us to vote for them without at least making a smart effort to understand the real messages.

Narrative Machines: Modern Myth, Revolution, & Propaganda

How Our Narratives Define The Limits Of Our Political And Personal Identity, How They Can Be Controlled, How The Era Of Humanity May Be Consigned To Myth Just As It Was Defined By It: Many will mark this present moment as the transitional moment the nihilistic id came into plain view in American culture and politics. But it is hardly the product of any single movement or idea, and it is hardly unprecedented. Narrative Machines uses a cut-up, pastiche approach to analyze how sub-cultural and fringe ideas permeate the mainstream, especially through the Internet—from Aleksandr Dugin’s faux-postmodern Traditionalism to the cult of personality Reality TV show that has taken over every media outlet, from the gnostic horror of Nick Land’s Dark Enlightenment to the Calvinism of identity politics, from the millenarian fervor of Transhumanism to the utopian nightmare of Fascism. A retrofuturist aesthetic unites them all, an ‘occulted theology’, allegedly secular recreations of the religious impulse, accidental rewrites of the metaphysics of the past.

The Fox Effect: How Roger Ailes Turned a Network into a Propaganda Machine

Based on the meticulous research of the news watchdog organization Media Matters for America, this title shows how Fox News, under its president Roger Ailes, changed from a right-leaning news network into a partisan advocate for the Republican Party.

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Putin’s Propaganda Machine: Soft Power and Russian Foreign Policy

Putin’s Propaganda Machine examines Russia’s ‘information war,’ one of the most striking features of its intervention in Ukraine. It argues that the Kremlin’s propaganda offensive is a carefully prepared strategy, implemented and tested over the last decade. Initially intended as a tool to enhance Russia’s soft power, it quickly developed into one of the main instruments of Russia’s new imperialism, reminiscent of the height of the Cold War. This title describes a multifaceted strategy that makes use of diverse instruments, including mimicking Western public diplomacy initiatives, hiring Western public-relations firms, setting up front organizations, buying Western media outlets, financing political parties, organizing a worldwide propaganda offensive through the Kremlin’s cable network RT, and publishing paid supplements in leading Western newspapers. In this information war, key roles are assigned to the Russian diaspora and the Russian Orthodox Church, the latter focused on spreading so-called traditional values and attacking universal human rights and Western democracy in international fora. This title demonstrates that the Kremlin’s propaganda machine not only plays a central role in its ‘hybrid war’ in Ukraine, but also has broader international objectives, targeting in particular Europe’s two leading countries — France and Germany — with the goal of forming a geopolitical triangle, consisting of a Moscow-Berlin-Paris axis, intended to roll back the influence of NATO and the United States in Europe.

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