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Titles About The Secret Life Of Jesus

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The Secret Life of Jesus the Essene: A Remarkable Revelation Concerning the True Character, Life, and Crucifixion of Jesus, By Eyewitnesses Who Knew … on the Safed and Alexandrian Essene Scrolls

The Safed and Alexandrian Essene Scrolls agree in respect to the fact that Jesus never died on the cross, but was taken down, unconscious, and later revived by his Essene brethren who, in the middle of the night, carried him from the tomb where he was laid, thus creating the false impression among those who came later to see him, but found him gone, that he had risen from the dead and was resurrected. Together with his faithful companion, Mary Magdalene, disguised as an elderly couple, they then fled to India, where they devoted themselves to the study of Eastern wisdom. Later, they traveled as far as Japan, where they died, a memorial erected in their honor.

AVATAR: The Secret Life Of Jesus Christ

The story you know is just the beginning. Jesus of Nazareth is one of the most well-known yet least understood individuals in modern history. Over the ages, the historical accounts from the Gospels have been heavily questioned and critiqued to the point where some scholars believe that there never was a historical figure of Jesus. The readings of Edgar Cayce and Douglas Cottrell tell a different story, however; the story of a man who was born to fulfill a prophecy and change the world with compassion. Follow this compelling story that chronicles the life of a man born in secret in the Essene community and trained in the esoteric and mystery schools of the time to become an example, a teacher, and a Master – and ultimately an Avatar.

The Gnostic Gospels of Jesus: The Definitive Collection of Mystical Gospels and Secret Books about Jesus of Nazareth

For all those readers curious to read the actual texts of the Gnostic Gospels, here is the definitive collection of all the Gnostic Gospels and Gospel–like texts. Marvin Meyer, premier scholar of Gnostic and other Christian literature outside the New Testament, presents every Gnostic Gospel and Jesus text with a brilliant overall introduction, introductions to each text, and notes that explain everything the reader needs to know to understand the text. He includes his latest translations of not only the Gospel of Thomas, the Gospel of Philip, the Gospel of Mary, but other texts such as the Secret Book of John, which some scholars regard as the second part of the New Testament Gospel of John. The material is largely from the discovery at Nag Hammadi, freshly translated and introduced, but also includes texts found elsewhere.

The Book of Hiram: Freemasonry, Venus, and the Secret Key to the Life of Jesus

Painstakingly rebuilds the long-forgotten story contained in the scattered rites and ceremonies of Freemasonry and puts forth explosive evidence drawn from the latest archaeological discoveries, the Bible, and early versions of Masonic rituals. What it reveals is “The Masonic Testament”, a parallel narrative to the Bible, with events that go unmentioned or unnoticed in those sacred pages, including a secret science of astronomy that they find encoded in the Bible. The study concludes with the startling revelation: that a lost science that changed the world before, could change it once again.

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