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Titles About Soul Contracts & Soul Purpose

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Sacred Contracts: Awakening Your Divine Potential

People often don’t understand their purpose in life, which has led to a spiritual malaise of epidemic proportions. This metaphysical disease in turn leads to depression, anxiety, fatigue, and eventually physical illness. But Soul Contracts are often difficult to apprehend. This title describes an enjoyable and ingenious process for deciphering your Soul Contracts using a new theory of archetypes that builds on the works of Jung, Plato, and contemporary thinkers. It explains how you can identify your particular spiritual energies, or archetypes – the gatekeepers of your higher purpose – and use them to help you find out what you are here on earth to learn and whom you are meant to meet. In coming to know your archetypal companions, you also begin to see how to live your life in ways that make the best use of your personal power and lead you to fulfill your Greatest Diving Potential. In this process, you learn how to see your life – and the lives of others – symbolically, allowing you to manage your personal power without getting caught up in emotional drama. You will also learn how to fulfill your Sacred Contract: what you and only you are here on earth to do.

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Staying Grounded in Shifting Sand: Awakening Soul Consciousness for the New Millennium

Providing Insightful Stories And Ideas To Support Your Spiritual Journey And Help You Answer Your Soul’s Calling: Read how to step fully into who you are as an awakened soul being. Shift how you experience your world using the affirmations, meditations, and visualizations provided in each chapter. A new process called Transformational Empowerment™ shows five key steps for manifesting your heart’s desire and fulfilling your Soul Contracts. You’ve already signed up to be an agent for spiritual transformation, in your own life and in the world. This title is a spiritual guidebook to help you navigate through your daily stresses, spiritual tests, and challenging relationships.

Awakening To The Wisdom Of Your Soul

What if the WORST thing that ever happened to you turned out to be the BEST thing that ever happened to you? Crisis is truly about the Awakening. All of us experience things that completely hit the reset button on our lives. Maybe you’re someone who’s had an unexpected ‘wake-up call’ from the Universe that caused your world to turn upside-down or possibly you’ve reached a turning point in your life where you’re faced with starting over or re-inventing yourself. This title offers a unique, eye-opening perspective on the inner journey of self discovery we take to find the reasons for some of the hardest challenges we face and answers to some of the deepest, Soul-searching questions we have, about WHO we are and WHY we are here. It was written to provide you with a deeper understanding of your identity as a spiritual being having a human experience and to learn how you can create a life that is aligned with your truest self and truly understand your Soul Contracts.

Empowering The Spirit: A Process to Activate Your Soul Potential

In the midst of great evolutionary change on our planet, there are large numbers of us who share a passion to live from the heart instead of from ego. We understand how crucial personal transformation is to our collective commitment to bring forth a New Earth based on love, cooperation, equality, peace and harmony. We work diligently on our spiritual development and personal healing. Yet many of us are still not expressing our soul’s full potential. Brimming with exercises and meditations, this title provides tools to activate deep levels of healing, self-awareness and higher states of consciousness. In addition it is filled with New Earth images, images that strongly evoke the spiritually-evolved world we are co-creating, to help us integrate these concepts more fully in our lives.

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