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Titles About The Divine Spiritual Plan

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The Divine Plan

This title unveils the Divine Spiritual Plan for human evolution, for mankind and creation. It is time to remember our spiritual origins and to awake from the nightmares of materialism. It is time to restore the divine order. Indeed it is time for a new spiritual society and a new form of holistic education. A single candle can bring light into darkness. But when many candles get together then the light shines bright and darkness vanishes. So let’s gather the spiritual light, love and wisdom for a better future.

Manifesting Divine: An Action Plan for the Advent of Spiritual Man

A Collection Of 21 Revelatory Yogic Interactions Based On The Wisdom Of The Bhagavad Gita: From the opening chapter, “Never Has Mankind Faced Such a Challenge”, to later ones like “America Holds the Key” and “Carry the Flame of Truth”, this title speaks to the psychic or spiritual, component of the reader’s human system. This is the message of the transition, the message of preparation for a spiritual manifestation. To quote from within: “Just as a few scientists working in a laboratory bring the solution that benefits the whole mankind, so also, let there be a few spiritual scientists who will work in the laboratory of their own consciousness to enable mankind to derive the benefit of mass enlightenment.”

The Translucent Revolution

There is a gentle but profound revolution in human consciousness happening throughout the world — it has affected millions of people from all walks of life, and the numbers continue to multiply exponentially. The breakthroughs they have experienced are startlingly similar and are marked by a new sense of well-being, increased joy in life, diminished fear, and a natural impulse to serve and contribute to the world in a real way. For more than a decade, the author has studied this worldwide advance in human consciousness marked by what he calls “translucents” — individuals who have undergone a spiritual awakening deeply enough that it has permanently transformed their relationship to themselves and to reality, while allowing them to remain involved in ordinary life.

Golden Keys to Ascension and Healing: Revelations of Sai Baba and the Ascended Masters

This volume represents the wisdom of the ascended masters condensed into concise keys that serve as a guide to the Divine Spiritual Plan. There are 420 golden keys that present the multitude of methods, techniques, affirmations, prayers, and insights. The teachings of Sai Baba and other ascended masters are at the core of these keys, and the author has also drawn from various spiritual scriptures such as the Bhagavad-Gita and the Bible. Especially valuable are practical methods to support the ascension process, such as journal writing and spiritual logs, as well as meditations and prayers.

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