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The X-Files

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Revealing The Plans Of The Controllers On Prime Time TV?

Cosmic Awareness General Reading * January 30, 2016 * Michelle, Interpreter * V. Sharp, Energizer & Questioner


“Last night on the new X-Files, Mulder revealed the plans of the elite masters, and I was amazed at how spot on it seemed!

all for the purpose of a violent military takeover of the country in the near future…wow!

Awareness has said before that the Elite Controllers advertise or announce their plans… on such shows…, but this was ‘in your face’ on The X-Files! What’s going on? Is this due to the political activism on behalf of David Duchovny and Chris Carter, the old surfing bum who created the X-Files, trying to make people wake up? Or is this the Controllers laughing and laying it out in front of people’s faces, because they are convinced nothing can be done to stop them? Or is it something else?”


This Awareness indicates the X-Files show created by Duchovny and Carter is not truly of their creation, but is information provided to them from specific sources and only what is approved is filmed. This Awareness indicates this script went through many revisions to create a heightened sense of fear. The words and images and sounds were specifically chosen to resonate with the fear programming within a specific audience.

This Awareness suggests the action of Light Workers on the planet is successful. The Elite in their efforts to subdue this movement are increasing their frequency-stimulating propaganda machines and the machines used to infiltrate the mindscape of the citizens of the United States. This Awareness indicates these two tools are highly viable in their opinion.

This Awareness suggests if one wishes to apply discernment to verify or discredit the reality being presented through the fear machines, one can breathe deeply within the heart, allowing all consciousness to resonate with the heartbeat of one’s body, as this in turn will resonate with the earth’s heartbeat and will align itself naturally through an organic process with the frequencies of Universal Life Force Energies and this Awareness.

X-Files: Controllers Fear Storm

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It is through accessing this internal channel that entities can ascertain if what is being presented is truly fact, or if it is a fiction presented through spells to appear real… The agenda of the Elite, or the Controllers, is laid out before the people, assuming they are incompetent and unable to apply discernment, unable or unwilling to discern through their heart what is truth and what is implied as real.

This Awareness suggests the Fear Storm will continue to be heavily induced across the United States and those countries within the scope of the Controllers that are considered ready targets for advancing their plans. This Awareness suggests it is the Controllers’ belief that many will view the X-Files and perceive a deep resonance with the realities presented. They are counting on viewers that are seeking freedom from their system to be entrained or entertained by these shows, these theatrics, these very carefully orchestrated presentations, as this is an acute distraction from the information that is available through one’s heart, through such discernment as the heart provides…

…It is because they can be disrupted that they present the image, the entrancing image that they cannot be stopped. The Light Workers are succeeding in their efforts to overturn the Controllers, but it is at a precipice point. If the Light Workers become distracted enough by the fear propagandas presented, they can be swayed to lose their footing and turn away from their ability to discern through the heart, becoming entranced, becoming hypnotized by the fear agendas…

…It is a bluff by the Controllers to present this in this way. It is specifically targeted at Light Workers, at those who seek to reveal the deeper truths of what is happening within society on this planet and within the United States. They wish to present the image that they are laughing and that things are readily being exposed in plain sight, when in reality, there is a deeper truth at play.

This deeper truth is that the Controllers are losing their grip. They are being forced to play a bluff. It is easily perceived that they have the upper hand because they have control of most of humanity’s minds. What has been left out of their equation is that humanity has a secondary discerning tool: the heart. The heart acts as a trump to the Controllers’ bluff. It breaks the hypnosis. It allows each entity to directly connect to another soul, to another’s heart, and through this connection, arrive at a deeper truth of the reality present, one that bypasses all of the conditioning and programming presented by the Controllers…


…This show is geared toward the Light Worker because that’s what we do; we watch. So we should think of it as entertainment and not to be in fear, because they make it so close to what could possibly happen as a worst-case scenario?…

X-Files: Mind Control Programming

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This Awareness would suggest if one chooses to view this program, to understand that it is programming. It is seeking to program your mind. It is seeking to create a trance state within you. If one chooses to expose oneself to the programming and trance conditioning of the Controllers, this Awareness would suggest doing so while in a state of heart-focused breathing, of complete love and gratitude for all that one is experiencing in life.

This Awareness suggests this will feel counter-intuitive. It will feel awkward. It will feel preposterous to do so, in the face of what one is viewing. The Controllers have created a landscape for the mind that is very convincing. They are adept at igniting all the triggers that they have created through subliminal programming that is not just current but has been in existence and in play, and in the effort to deeply condition for hundreds of years.

This Awareness brings this point forward to create a specific understanding that to intentionally view the programming of the Controllers, their efforts to hypnotize and create a trance state, this should be done with great caution and with a deep understanding of what one is committing one’s soul to. In doing so, if one views and accepts such programming and these spells that are presented, one is applying one’s free will to receive and accept their conditioning.

Such acceptance is presented in this society in a very blasé manner, because TV is simply entertainment and should be seen as that which can be laughed away, when in reality, the deeper truth is that words carry power. When words are used, and music is used to convey and create trance states within an audience, this is warfare in its most refined state and is designed specifically to cripple the audience that views it, but the audience is conditioned to accept it blindly and in a state of passive reception, where one is conditioned to put aside one’s heart and simply receive.

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